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Expanding Your Solar Array

Reeves Clippard of A&R Solar explains how you can start off with a smaller less expensive array and then expand it by adding more modules later.

A Kid’s Guide to Being More Energy Efficient

This link was provided by a student named Amy in Ms. Deborah Ward's classroom in Delaware. Thanks Amy for your interest in energy efficiency which is the first step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Get your Power From the Sun

Are you thinking about buying a solar electric system for your home or business? If so, this booklet provides some basic information that can help you.

Manage & Reduce Home Energy Usage

This link was provided by 6th grader Aiden Schaffer who is learning that conservation of energy is the first step in reducing green house gas emissions, and it save familes money too!

Climate - What a Deal

Lots of us are completely convinced that clean air and favorable climate will last forever. But if you are thinking ahead, and you are wondering about the “forever” assumption, you can sense a crisis coming where your values and carefully laid life plans could be coming apart. 

Growing Transit Communities

Kick-Off Event, Growing Transit Communities, A corridor action strategy for the central Puget Sound region.

Teachers Guide

Teachers Renewable Energy Basics Resource Guide

Education and Outreach Articles
This is an article about the synergy between photovoltaics and electric vehicles.
Seattle City Light Solar Program

Find information specific to the areas covered by Seattle City Light, including installing solar, and Community Solar.

Estimate how much energy your appliances use: US Department of Energy

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